Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Dump trucks

I love making toys.  I find it very fun and rewarding.  I'm always looking for new ideas.  Mainly I want to make them durable, easy, and cheap(for mass production reasons).  So I was poking around on the scroll saw woodworking and crafts message board when I came across this little dump truck.

Dumper by Sam Johnson
I love the look of this little guy.  The idea of using the yellow stacker bin was genius.  I'm pretty sure I can find those at Dollarama.  The truck itself is very plain and the bin doesn't even dump.  These are for sale for 29 euros for a small one and 49 euros for a big one.  Not sure what the is in our money but someone said 29 euros is about $45 usd.  I can't believe that.  It doesn't even dump.

I think I can improve on this.  I'm sure the kids will like it.  I've never had a complaint about my cars before, so I've got a good feeling about this one.  I have a drawing already mocked up of how I want to do it.  Now it's just getting the bins and some more dowel and I'll make up a prototype.  Can't wait to post it and show you.  I definitely won't charge that much for them either.

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