Friday, September 10, 2010


It's coming up on Christmas.  Ok it's still a few months away, but when you try and make your own presents for people you have to plan in advance.  This year for the kiddies I'm thinking puzzles.  I have to go to the dollar store and see if I can find some old calendars to get some good sized pictures to laminate onto the wood.  Then it's just as easy as cutting them out.

I made some puzzles last year for Christmas, but due to limited painting time they never got finished.  So they will probably get added to the presents this year.  I also have some ornaments that never got done either, so those will most likely be added on this year too.

Still not sure what to make for my wife.  Don't really know what she would want.  I'm usually so clear on this that it's kinda bugging me that I can't come up with anything.  Oh well I'll keep brainstorming and maybe I can come up with something fun. 

The first year I made her something it was a wooden bracelet.  Then the second year was a locking money box with a heart shaped key.  Now I don't have anymore ideas.....yet!

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