Monday, January 10, 2011

The things I make

Well christmas is over.  I didn't get done all the things that I had hoped to get done, but I can thank my appendix for that.  I ended up in the hospital on the 22nd and had to have my appendix removed.  That put a stop to any more projects being finished.  The way I figure it though I will take the time to work on them when I can and give out what would have been the christmas presents throughout the year.  It will be fun.

I did manage to finish the doll cradles, with help from my wife who painted them for me on christmas eve.  The girls were very happy with them.  I made them out of 3/4" spruce plywood.  The design was inspired by someone else, but I drew up my own version.  They are 9" wide by 18" long.  Next time I think I will make them wider though.  They tip over if the girls aren't careful playing with them.

I had to hand sew the pillows and the mattresses because the sewing machine broke on me, but with help from my wife we were able to do it.  The mattresses ended up a little poofy, but they will flatten out with use and eventually cover the bottom of the cradles.  It was a fun experience and I think they turned out great.  The girls loved them too.

Speaking of sewing.  I finally finished another craft project that I had been working on for quite some time.  Last winter I bought a sewing machine and decided to make some stuffed toys for my little girl.  She absolutely loves her stuffed animals.  I came up with my own design and bought a bunch of fabric.  I managed to get my first creation mostly completed but life got in the way and it was never finished.  After my appendix surgery I couldn't lift anything or really get up from my chair, so I decided sewing was the way to go.  I grabbed my sewing kit and finished off the project.  Finally.  My daughter has named him Texi and he is greatly loved.

I don't think he turned out too bad for my first try.  After he was finished I started looking around on the internet for more ideas.  I looked through many craft blogs and softies and plushies websites and found some really amazing stuff.  I decided to start with a doll.  I got the basics from a craft blog.
I made mine out of blue fleece and green nylon type material for the head and hands.  It's turning out really cool.  Just needs a face.  My daughter already found him and spent the day carrying him everywhere even without a face.  I have the plans for a girl doll already drawn up and can't wait to start it.  It's going to be a very crafty and creative year this year.  I can already feel the excitement.

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